Certified factory armorer.

We will transform your old duty rifles into something that is better suited for todays challenges.






Impounded weapons and equipment disposal. Weapons destruction.

This is all currency your department can use to buy duty weapons, ammunition, and other equipment. Some impounds may seem worthless, but you may be surprised that they all have SOME value.

For departments that have regulations requiring destruction of all impounds and retired weapons, we offer free weapon destruction, with serial number verification and documentation for your records.

Silencer and duty rifle/handgun demonstration and testing.

Try the firearms you are thinking of equipping your department with before you commit to buying them. I like to do these on your qualification days, so you don't need to take extra time to make a trip to the range. If you are looking for AN EXCUSE to go to the range and shoot new equipment, I am also happy to oblige.



Dealing with the city/county.

We can help get set up as an approved vendor, so you don't need to jump through the bureaucratic hoops every time you want to use some of your agencies allocated funds.

Arms room evaluations.

We can help you decide what equipment you require to outfit your department.